Bimodel, your BIM partner

Modelling engineering

A model ready for exploitation use requires a specific know-how, as different for a synthesis model than for a conception one. It is crucial to define in advance the objectives for modelling and the charter to reach them. According to the objectives set for your modelling project, we define together in advance all the rules and principles of the modelling itself and of the work exchanges.

SME/SMB operator

Rolling-out a BIM project requires a big investment, and so especially for small companies. Our competitive prices, our flexibility and our closeness to our clients makes us the perfect BIM partner for any small company/small business.

BIM facilitator

Instead of managing your BIM project, we propose you to ease your own adaptation to the handling of a BIM project. A BIM project is first and foremost a collaborative project built around know-how exchanges and skill transfers. Your level of self-implication in the handling of the project is determining for its success. Our role is then primarily to guide you and advise you.

Customised programming of plugins and API

We acknowledge that the perfect tool does not exist. Whatever BIM tool is used, it is necessary to shape it according to the project. We have thus developed customised PlugIns to match the requirements of our projects in progress. After several positive feedbacks from our clients and our team, we have decided to publish our applications to make as much people as possible benefit from them. You can find some of theses PlugIns on Autodesk App.

3D phase planning

When in invitations to tender, it is often hard to easily and intuitively illustrate the organisation and the phase planning set to the project owner. That is why we propose you to phase plan in 3D, allowing then your client to visualise and understand the organisation of its construction project as optimal as possible.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Our innovation hub also works on designing and implementing new solutions integrating virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. The objective is to increase the collaboration and involvement of the various actors of a same project, wherever they are and whatever function they have.